Born in Riyadh, Sicilia’s Pizza Cuts is the new generation of upscale fast food. We combine homestyle comfort with culinary innovation offering a wide variety of pizzas, sandwiches, and desserts.

You won’t find the standard round pizza at our shop. Here, you choose which pizza you want, and how big a piece of it you’d like. Then, it’s cut, weighed and served on a wooden platter. It’s about getting a taste of each pizza that appeals to you.

Pizza by the cut

& weight

Home-Made Dough

The essence of a pizza is its dough, and the essence of dough is flour. To avoid ever hitting any false notes, our pizza plays with only the best of flour – namely, Type doppio zero – 00 always imported from Italy.

We allow our dough to rest and ferment anywhere from 24 to 72 hours to make sure that the dough is formed to the highest standard. The result is a very light and airy dough that is crunchy in the base, fluffy and airy in the center.

Fresh Yeast

This one pretty much summarizes our philosophy. Even though this type of yeast is not available locally, we go that extra mile to have it shipped by air twice a month to ensure that the quality of our dough is unmatched.

Home-Made Pizza Sauce

Our home-made pizza sauce is made with the finest Italian Parma tomatoes. We source them from a premium Italian tomato farm that uses patented cold crushing production techniques to ensure that all the goodness of the tomato from vibrant red color to fresh flavor is retained.

Our partners in crime…


We take our desserts very seriously. Everything is made in-house – from Tiramisu to our legendary @treatsfromscratch New York cheesecake. Our desserts are a perfect way to end your meal on a perfect note.